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120 HP

  • jesse

    Hi, Im from El Salvador…its been years since ive wanted to build a go kart, it’ve be great if you guys could share some plans with me i’d appresiate it!!


  • Mitch Ivie

    have a good frame two gas engines one alcohol its reletively fast i want to make it insane

  • Thomas P. Moran

    What will it cost me to build this kart?

  • Brontee

    wow love these plans

  • dylan

    What web site or would be best to find the resources and parts that I can not find in hardware stores etc

  • Troy Calder

    HI my name is Troy,hope all is well,i have been looking for a turn key,shifter kart,with 600cc power for a long time,I hope you still build these karts,I am very,intrested,if you guy’s send me a email back,&we can talk price,you may have my adress,it is,thanks for your time,

    Troy C.
    CEO-CDN-Wholesale Solutions:

  • Rachel Hensley

    this is my friends email and my name is jacob wallen i want to know how much just a frame build would costs please get back to me whenever you can please just a frame build for a 1000cc gixxer engiene i need the motor mounts ready and a place to put the radiator somewhere i would like to keep it under a 3800 dollar project if possible it has been my dream for a long time i look at them everyday that i have time to

  • trevor

    awesome drifts

  • Patrick

    I would like to buy one just like the one
    On YouTube please let me no the cost?

  • Aj Weiler

    Your awsome

  • Domingo

    How much$$$$ does it cost to build?